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The betting tips, sport analysis, statistics and predictions that are uploaded on the website are from data that were carefully gathered, sorted and analysed, however they are not guaranteed to give straight winnings at all time, they are still ‘predictions’. Hence, Bethillszone will not take responsibilities for losses, risks of betting investments by any of our visitors is solely on such person.

Bethillszone encourage betting with extreme sense of responsibility, bets should only be taken with reasonable amounts that you can afford to lose. Investing funds meant for shelter, work and other important stuff is highly discouraged. Bet responsibly at all times.

All visitors of our website are considered $"users", every user is entitled to every returns they make from using our betting tips, both profit and losses are solely on the user. We are never going to ask for funds for predictions, so beware of scams. Also, we do not grant refunds for any payment made.

Bethillszone understands that betting is not a universally accepted act. In countries, states or provinces that forbids betting, we advise intending users from such regions to comply as we will not be responsible for any penalties this might bring

If you ever find any content on violating any copyright infringement, kindly contact us via email or any of our social media platforms.

We ensure to verify every information we make available on the website, however we do not expressively give warranties to the accuracy of all information, hence making the result of all information you use from this website your sole responsibility.

All tips, predictions and statistics only represent the opinions of

Also, we are not responsible for updating particular information on the website as time goes on, users are advised to check alternative sources before using information that are not currently updated. Full reliance on the information provided on this website is at your full discretion.

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We are entitled to change, remove (temporarily or permanently) or modify any part of our website anytime (with or without prior notice) to users. We also have the rights to change any of these conditions whenever.

Breaching of any of our terms and conditions by any user might lead to temporary or permanent suspension which we have the right to enforce. We can also choose to deny certain users’ access to our services for reasons we deem fit at any time.

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No user is allowed to copy any of our products/ services for illegal use. Unauthorized usage of our products is a violation of any copyright related laws in any country and can be duly enforced against such user.

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The terms were written and last modified in April, 2022. Further modifications and update will be specified in future.

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