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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy enumerates how we intend to use, manage and protect the information you will entrust us with on this website.

We are going to ensure that your information are safe and secure and are not shared without your permission to a third party.

Our current privacy policy was last modified in April, 2022, any update in future will be specified.

Our data collection is done at the point of registration on our website via the registration form while you are about to create an account. This information are important to optimize user experience.

Important information collected are securely stored on our server, we also can offer you exclusive services via E-mails as long as you authorize us to do so.

Our website is secured with the HTTPS connection security and this will guarantee the safety of every information you provide on our platform.

Whenever you decide to wipe off your information from our server, you will be allowed to do so by deleting your profile, you are also allowed to opt out of any of our services whenever you deem fit.

Every content on Bethillszone are all provided to users for free, our main source of revenue will be advertisements as we set them on our website.